Hencon is proud of its commercialization partnership with the Canadian based company STAS. STAS INC. is a well-established company and a recognized leader in its innovative abilities to develop, fabricate and commercialize new technologically advanced equipment. The industrial sector served by STAS is international and specifically relates to aluminium, with custom‑made equipment and quality specifications that comply with world standards.

As of now STAS becomes an exclusive agent for HENCON products in Canada. STAS will ensure the promotion and sales of the HENCON program for the light metal industry, including related spare parts and services.


DANGO & DIENENTHAL relies on a tradition of more than 140 years. In 1865 the craftsmen August Dango und Louis Dienenthal founded the company as a non-ferrous foundry. Around the turn of the last century DANGO & DIENENTHAL started to manufacture specialized machinery for the metallurgical industry. Qualified engineers, a modern mechanical workshop and a specialized assembly shop care for reliable quality and the constant development of our product range.

Since 2015 Hencon is Part of the DDS group.


The South African Mining and Smelting Solutions Pty Ltd (SAMSS), is excited to introduce into the African Mining markets our range of quality trackless, underground mining vehicles.