Casthouse Solutions

A wide range of smart equipment.
Take advantage of our world-renowned mobile equipment for casthouses. Our smart, reliable vehicles combine solidity and innovation, making it easy to optimise your casthouse processes and the recovery of dross, salt slag and aluminium. The wide, versatile range of models ensures you have the right equipment to hand. Each model is tailor-made for operation in primary aluminium smelters, in both in prebaked and Söderberg potrooms.

EVY compact vacuum cleaner

Hencon is continuously developing new improvements and sustainable solutions that focus on efficiency, safety, maintainability, lowering cost of ownership as well as the environmental impact of our products. Keeping the potroom clean is a highly…

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AGV technology

The trend towards more automated, intelligent and interconnected systems is often referred to as Smart Industry or Industry 4.0. AGVs fit perfectly into this trend, in the first place because they operate fully autonomously.

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Ladle transport and tilting vehicle

Designed for carrying the ladle and pallet on the lifting bed of the trailer part of the vehicle. The lifting bed is mechanically locked for safe transportation. Integrated hydraulic cover means maximum protection of aluminium.

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Ladle transport vehicle

The ladle transport vehicle (LTV) is designed for transport of ladle pallets with filled or empty ladles. To protect the aluminium in the ladle from dirt or rain, a hydraulic operated cover is integrated in the trailer.

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AGV Furnace charging Vehicle

Automatic furnace charging system with interchangeable scrap containers. Enables the operator to control the content of the container at the cold end and ensure optimum discharge at the hot end.

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Furnace Tending vehicle

Smart, efficient vehicles with an optional all-electric driveline. Intelligent, precise controls give your operators maximum control. These robust vehicles offer safe cleaning without losing aluminium or adversely affecting the furnace lining.

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