Heavy Duty
smart solutions

Service that keeps your process moving

Hencon supports your demanding production processes by providing highly robust, mobile machinery and smart technological solutions. But Hencon does so much more than that. You can also count on a high standard of service and maintenance. That’s because we offer a unique, complete solution that facilitates the continuity and safety of your processes in the most sustainable way. Smart solutions designed to aid progress.

Continuity to the max

A fault in the process can deal a killer blow not just to progress and safety, but also your profit margin. Hencon immerses itself in your production process and internal transportation set-up. But we’re much more than makers of equipment. We deliver the mobility, technology and innovative solutions that ensure maximum continuity in the long term.

Proven concepts and custombuilt solutions

Over the years, Hencon has developed a host of proven concepts for internal transportation, guaranteeing years of excellent, highly reliable performance in the aluminium and mining industries. Our solutions vary from an extensive range of equipment to precise, tailor-made solutions. Every day, renowned producers the world over rely on the lasting quality of Hencon.

A reputation cast in innovation

We design, produce and supply heavy-duty vehicles that can cope with extreme conditions without problem. Characterised by their ease of use and simple, intuitive operation, they help prevent errors. We focus heavily on innovation. Smart, unmanned mobile machines with clean, electric drive systems are becoming increasingly popular. They’re equipped with state-of-the-art technology that takes precision, routine and safety to a new level. The level of tomorrow.

EVY, the compact vacuum cleaner

The EVY compact vacuum cleaner Fresh Thinking, Smart Cleaning Hencon is continuously developing new improvements and sustainable solutions that focus on efficiency, safety, maintainability, lowering cost of ownership as well as the environmental impact of our products. Keeping the potroom clean is…

Potroom Solutions

Potroom vehicles of all types and sizes. Choose from our complete range of potroom vehicles, built to last in the rough environment of your production site. Our heavy-duty, smart equipment offers excellent operational support at primary aluminium smelters, positioned side-by-side or end-to-end….

Casthouse Solutions

A wide range of smart equipment. Take advantage of our world-renowned mobile equipment for casthouses. Our smart, reliable vehicles combine solidity and innovation, making it easy to optimise your casthouse processes and the recovery of dross, salt slag and aluminium. The wide,…

Vacuum Solutions

For all your industrial and mining vacuum needs. Material spillages, especially around and under conveyors, are an ever present issue for many mines and processing plants around the world. With the push to produce more, conveyor systems are being kept at the…