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Material spillages, especially around and under conveyors, are an ever present issue for many mines and processing plants around the world. With the push to produce more, conveyor systems are being kept at the highest speeds possible. Areas that suffer the most are normally at conveyor changeovers, and even material that sticks to the belt once it goes back on the return side, can fall off along the way causing heaps to form that can eventually be high enough to start causing damage to both the rollers and the belt itself.
Faults in the conveying system and feeding chutes can also cause sudden unforeseen spillages.

Older plants suffer even more from this problem due to their age and often due to lack of proper maintenance. The spillages themselves create a limiting factor in that they prevent proper maintenance by making access to the parts that need repair or upkeep difficult or even impossible.

Besides the effect on maintenance, spillage can also have an impact on the environment and can become a health & safety issue as well.

EVY compact vacuum cleaner

Hencon is continuously developing new improvements and sustainable solutions that focus on efficiency, safety, maintainability, lowering cost of ownership as well as the environmental impact of our products. Keeping the potroom clean is a highly…

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