Providing all-inclusive maintenance.
It’s only possible to secure steady output when your machines are totally reliable and continuously available for at least 15 years. We provide an all-inclusive maintenance and support plan to make this a realistic goal. To avoid repairs and to increase operational uptime,
we focus on prevention.

On the spot, at your service
Maintenance and speedy, on-site service are key features of our mobile solutions, making us unique. Your processes also benefit from this rigorous approach to maintenance in the long term.

Hencon maintenance department on the spot.
Avoid the hassle of a maintenance department and let Hencon take over! We can manage an uptime of >95%. We also measure the performance of your machinery. With the right maintenance, uptime can be increased to as much as 97%. We can even arrange a professional workshop at or near your location.

Operator and maintenance training
We run 3 or 5-day training programms for your maintenance crew and operators. After commissioning, your crew will be trained to safely maintain and operate the machine.