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Hencon is continuously developing new improvements and sustainable solutions that focus on efficiency, safety, maintainability, lowering cost of ownership as well as the environmental impact of our products.

Keeping the potroom clean is a highly important, harsh job. A special vehicle is required, performing dust free with a high output. The latest development in this area is Hencon’s first serial-produced, compact vacuum cleaner EVY with just one specification. The EVY guarantees the proven Hencon quality at a competitive price.

The cleanest

• Filters even the finest dust: 2 – 0,2 micron
• Cleans without creating dust clouds
• Sustainable: better for men & machine

The leanest

• Compact, highly manoeuvrable model
• Reduces your Total Cost of Ownership
• Single out of stock model

The meanest

• Collects all dust, ready to re-use & re-market
• It’s all about Serving Progress!


As standard we he have equipped the EVY with all necessary specifications in order for you to obtain maximum result collecting and filtering fine dust in your production.


• 10 & 4 km/h adjustable
• 10% gradient (fully loaded)
• Noise level: Inside cabin: max. 75 dB(A) according to ISO/DIN 5128
• Outside cabin: max. 80 dB(A) according to ISO 362


• A-brand engine Tier 3
• Upgrade stage V possible
• Automotive RPM control for optimal fuel economy
• Engine fully protected against intruding dust


• 1600 mm nozzle width
• 1.2 m3 hopper capacity
• Suction working pressure: -0.3 bar
• Optimised blower capacities
• Partical size (max.): 40 mm
• Dust filter separation level 99.9% particle size 0.2-2µm
• Material allowable temperature: approx. 100 °C
• Developed for non-combustable materials
• 3 vertical placed filters
• Automated filter cleaning pulsation system, 2 filters constantly active


•  Diagnostics screen on the Human Machine Interface in cabin
• All engine filters concentrated on one side of the machine
• Closed hydraulic system with quick connector hydr. filling point
• Fail-safe system on both the engine, compressor & vacuum system (self protective)
• Automated filter cleaning pulsation system, 2 filters constantly active

Front axle

• Pendulum front axle
• 70 degree front steering axle for optimal manoeuvrability
• Hydraulic (orbitrol) steering
• Turning radius incl. main nozzle: ~5000mm

Ambient conditions

• Total Particulate loading : 4.0 mg/m³
• 500 Gauss max (Magnetic strength)
• Developed for inside use
• Ambient working temperature: -10°C to 60°C
• Storage/start-up temperature: 10°C to 50°C
• Optimal performance up to 500m above sea level


• Rear Camera


• Optimised ergonomics
• Cabin heating (Optionally)
• Filtered cabin for optimal health
• No need to leave the cabin for all vehicle operations
• One pedal drive
• Optimised visbibility
• Easy three-point entry


• Blue spot front & rear
• Working lights on the operational area
• Full LED lighting
• Beacon light front and rear
• Audible reverse alarm
• 24 Volt system lay-out

Drive axle

• Hydro-static drive
• Dual hydraulic motor
• Hydraulic park brake (fail-safe)


No production facility and no operator are the same. Even though the standard EVY is already fully equipped, we have some options for you to be sure that every details is perfectly tailored to your specific use.

Polymer protection rollers over the total width of the main nozzle to protect the main nozzle in case of uneven floors.

Additional polymer insulation on the right side of the main nozzle.

Manual suction installation: On the front of the machine, a 3” hose point with quick-connector is installed.
Standard toolkit included in the delivery:
• 3” Suction hose. L = 5 metres
• Suction tube, aluminium, 3” connection
• Suction nozzle, aluminium, 500 mm wide, 3” connection

Cabin heating, using engine cooling water.

Windows with foil on the outside to prevent Fluor attack (no film on wiped windows).

Windows with sun reflection foil on the inside.

Window wiper, with washer, on front window.

DAB+ Radio with Bluetooth connectivity, including an antenna.

Instruction plates, in local language or symbols, to clarify operator controls.

Ventilation / filter box with additional active coal filter.

55/56 kW, 4-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, Stage IIIA or Stage V, suiting local emission standards.

Hydraulic oil, suitable temperature range:
• Shell Tellus 46 Temperature range: -10°C (start-up) up to 75°C (max. working temperature)
• Shell Tellus 68 Temperature range: -5°C (start-up) up to 85°C (max. working temperature)

Connector, 12VDC/6A, cigarette lighter plug in arm rest for auxiliary equipment such as tablet/phone charger or CB-radio.

All-round visibility system. An intelligent camera system designed to provide a real-time surround bird’s eye view of the vehicle in one single image.

High-visibility markings on the vehicle.

Company/Smelter-logo decal, incorporated in the Hencon design.

Technical Maintenance Manual in local language.

Mobile Telemetric Unit to feed live vehicle data (VDC) such as engine running hours, hydraulic oil temperature, engine coolant temperature etcetera to the Hencon Customer Portal.



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