Cost reduction by partnership

Ultimate support in Aluminium production
Today staying competitive means investing permanently in new technologies, helping to reduce operational costs. Not only the technology itself, also advanced/sophisticated financial possibilities will make a difference in the profitability of your operations. At the background of demographic and political changes and in a complex market which – above all – is ruled by aluminium prices, it is more and more key to stay on top of expenditures.

Saving by outsourcing your fleet

Hencon wants to go a step further in growing the profitability of your business and wants to facilitate you  to start with this new technology in a financially comfortable way, and taking away all concerns that innovating technology is sometimes associated with. 

Saving by using new technology

One important and immediate saving is labour cost, but also maintenance costs and damages – two important components in the cost of ownership of a fleet – will be reduced in such a way that the ROI can be shortened to a very short time. This in combination with a longer life expectation of this type of equipment (due to lack of damages and a technology which is far less subject to wear & tear), accumulate to an overall cost reduction that can never be equalled by traditional rolling material, operated by men.

Fleet Management Brochure

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Your benefits

  • Continuity in your operation (risk sharing)
  • Sustainable & continuous cost savings, starting from day 1 (no initial investment)
  • 100% perdictibale OPEX costs, payment spread evenly over time
  • Your fleet in excellent shape, using the newest technologies
  • We assure availability of your equipment to support your operations
  • All risks for Hencon.

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