Re-Manufacturing Program

Hencon offers the Hencon Re-Manufacturing Program, for both potroom and casthouse vehicles. This program is applicable for both Hencon and non-Hencon machines. Several overhauls have been implemented successfully. Lessons learned during maintenance activities worldwide are used during the overhaul, resulting in improved performance during operation and simplified maintenance.

What is Re-Manufacturing?

Different than repair, the Hencon Overhaul Program goes back to the original production status of the machine. Literally the machine will be re-build based on its existing structure and key components. All parts with a limited service life due to the use of plastics, rubber, seals or components with possible mechanical or thermic wear, such as pumps and motors, will be replaced or overhauled. This all within the highest Hencon specifications, with the latest technology and of proven genuine quality. Re-manufacturing is a 100% preventive tool, to assure your operation will never stop.

The program delivers:

  • Cost saving compared to the purchase of new machines
  • Parts used are based on latest technology
  • Implementation of improvements proposed by operation and maintenance
  • Reduced costs as the machine needs to comply with the technical regulations from the year of original production
  • 2 year guarantee

Why should I use the Hencon Re-Manufacturing Program?

In harsh times, the last thing what you want is breakdown of important equipment during business, while this business already is fragile. However the financial resources are under pressure as well, which makes it difficult to replace older existing equipment.

Even with the best preventive maintenance program in place, every machine will at one day reach its economic lifetime. At that time the machine has become unreliable and too expensive to maintain because of an accumulation of damaged or worn-out parts, components and structures. In order to keep increase the reliability and performance of the machines, a thorough job needs to be done, a job that goes far beyond just the repair or the exchange of some parts. In order to get back the reliable machine that you once had, the Hencon Overhaul Program can be carried out.

Re-Manufacturing Brochure

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