Another Vacuum Cleaner on its way to Alcoa

13 september 2013


Alcoa orders another vacuum cleaner

Another vacuum cleaner that is built for the potroom environment is on its way to Alcoa. Alcoa uses these vacuum cleaners at numerous plants over the world. The reasons are simple, the H3000 cleans the potroom quickly, alumina can be recycled in the process, and there is no dust when the machine is in operation.


Efficiency and H&S at the same time

In times that efficiency is most important decision will have to be made to be that little bit better than competitors, besides a positive impact on health and safety, this machine will actually pay itself.

Sweepers use water to avoid dust development, the Hencon sweeper does not need water. The complete design is built around the concept of recycling. The floors are cleaned without water and without brushes, therefore there is absolutely no dust development when the machine is in operation. The advanced filter system enables the machine to have an extreme suction power at all times. It filters the air and only releases clean and dust free air. It is because of that reason that all Hencon customers that use this machine are satisfied.

Interested in a vacuum cleaner yourself? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Another Vacuum Cleaner on its way to Alcoa