Hencon participates in innovative IoT-project

19 october 2017

Hencon has joined the EMBIPRO project.  In this project  Hencon aims, together with several regional partners,  to improve its product range with the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT). The project contributes to the Hencon aspiration of further improving quality and experience of the delivered products and services. In the EMBIPRO project Hencon will realize several  smart mobility products for the light metal industry industry, with which physical stress can be reduced, product life span can be increased, products will be continuously optimized and costs of maintenance and service will be reduced.

The parties and users in this project are fed with in-depth insights on the basis of (big) data analyses from Roessingh Research & Development Research Institute on the operational conditions and  physical stress. The technological expertise of INCAA makes disclosure of user data possible and Sigmax provides data processing and interpretation through a to be develop cloud based IoT backend.

Participating in this project fits perfectly with Hencons main objective: Serving Progress

Hencon participates in innovative IoT-project