Still going strong, even after 40 years

9 december 2013

Hencon Side Loaders still going strong

Combined with the Season’s Greetings, Hencon received the following message from a very satisfied Hencon customer who has 5 Hencon side loaders in his daily operation. These side loaders are 26 to 40 years old!

Dear Hencon,

We thank you for sending the Hencon calendar 2014.
My 5 Hencon Side Loaders are still going strong after 40 years of operation, so unfortunately, you cannot sell any new units to me for the time being. It is funny to see when another sales man for side loaders visits me and I tell him we only use Hencon, that he directly knows that no replacement is needed.

Quality always pays!!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a good 2014!

With kind regards,
Geert van Dijk
Arnhemse Fijnhouthandel


Still going strong, even after 40 years