Overhaul Explained

The Hencon Overhaul Program? What is it?

Different than repair, the Hencon Overhaul Program goes back to the original production status of the machine. Literally the machine will be re-built based on its existing structure and key components. All parts with a limited service life due to the use of plastics, rubber, seals or components with possible mechanical or thermic wear, such as pumps and motors, will be replaced or overhauled. All within the highest Hencon specifications, with the latest technology and proven genuine quality.
With the Hencon Overhaul Program your machine will be reliable and available for your operations without unplanned breakdowns.

Why should I use the Hencon Overhaul Program?

In harsh times the last thing you want is a breakdown of important equipment during business, since this business already is fragile.
However, the financial resources are under pressure, which makes it difficult to replace existing equipment.

Even with the best preventive maintenance program, every machine will reach its economic lifetime on day. Then the machine becomes unreliable and too expensive to maintain because of an accumulation of damaged or worn-out parts, components and structures.

In order to increase the reliability and performance of the machines, a thorough job needs to be done. A job that goes far beyond just the repair or the exchange of some parts. With the Hencon Overhaul Program you will get back the reliable machine you once bought.

What does it cost?

The Hencon Overhaul Program costs approximately 60% of the price for a new similar vehicle. The moment we accept the project, we can agree a fixed price, in which case there is no hidden risk for you. Since you remain the owner of the vehicle at all times it is likely that import duties are exempted. Please check the details with your local authorities/tax office.

This investment will make your vehicle as good as new:


How long do I have to miss my machine?

A full overhaul can be done in three months. Shipping time is excluded.

What are my GuarantEes?

After the overhaul we give a full one-year warranty. And as mentioned above, we can accept the project at a fixed price. This means no financial surprises for you, We take all the risk!

The machine remains your property.

Interested in the Hencon Overhaul Program?

Please contact your local Hencon representative or contact us directly. We look forward to making your machine reliable again for many years to come.