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AGV Furnace Charging Vehicle

Automatic furnace charging system with interchangeable scrap containers. Enables the operator to control the content of the container at the cold end and ensure optimum discharge at the hot end.

Optimal charging solutions

Furnace charging

Furnace Charging Vehicles (“Scraploader”) are special prepared for quick and precise discharge of material in the shape of ingots, billets, slabs or scrap into the melting furnaces in the Cast House area. In this way, damage to furnaces and loss of heat (reduced time open door) will be minimized.

Dedicated or multi-purpose

The Furnace Charging Vehicle can be designed to be used with multiple attachments. The charging tools like containers, fork attachments or platforms can be connected. By its vertical lift, tilting device and telescopic arm with connected pushing blade, the aluminium can be charged into the furnace.

Designed to your requirements

Size, capacity and execution of the charging tools can be adapted to what is required for the furnaces. With an optional skimming tool with replaceable blade, the furnaces even can be de-drossed and cleaned.

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