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Ladle transport vehicle

Crucible transport vehicle – articulated

The ladle transport vehicle (LTV) is designed for transport of ladle pallets with filled or empty ladles.

Automatic Cover

To protect the aluminium in the ladle from dirt or rain, a hydraulic operated cover is integrated in the trailer.

Smelter environment

The vehicle is capable to operate in dusty, corrosive atmosphere (alumina dust, fluoride) and a strong magnetic field. Motor air intake is airtight and equipped with special filters.

Special attention has been taken to ensure good visibility and safety of operation when reversing in order to permit easy and safe operation at loading and unloading areas.

Interchangeable prime mover

The articulated power unit / prime mover is interchangeable with other machines e.g APTV and LTTV

The ladle transport vehicle can be tailormade to fit your requirements.

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