EVY, The Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping the potroom clean is a highly important, harsh job. A special vehicle is required, performing dust free with a high output. The latest development in this area is Hencon’s first series-produced, compact vacuum cleaner EVY with just one specification. The EVY guarantees the proven Hencon quality at a competitive price.

EVY Folder

In our folder more specs.

Download the EVY folder
Hencon References
Optional packages
Optional package Safety Comfort Executive
Nozzle protection – polymer roller
Nozzle electrical insulation – polymer
Electrical cabin heater
Sun reflective foil
Anti fluor attack foil
Window wiper front
12 Volt connector in armrest
Instruction plates in local language
Air conditioning active coal filter
Passive pressurised cabin
All around – 360° birds eye camera system
Safety markings
Your company logo
Operator Manual in your local language

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