Plan, monitor and support the operation of your valuable machines

An efficient online tool to plan, monitor and support the operation of your valuable machines, in order to have the optimum availability and safety, against the lowest costs and risks.It is based on a proven GPS telemetry device, directly connected with the global Hencon server and Hencon support team.

With each Hencon vehicle, free access to the online maintenance planning, documentation and operational cost visualization tool, named Hencon Customer Portal, is granted. The Hencon Customer Portal contains all documentation, spare parts lists and other information relevant for your vehicle. By its online character, it is ensured that all information is up-to-date. 

Hencon Customer Portal


The Hencon Customer Portal gives you more insight in the performance of your machines regarding:

  • Maintenance planner
  • Workorder generation
  • Real time machine data
  • Machine data reports
  • Machine availability reports
  • Machine data alarms
  • Actual documentation
  • Parts & stock management

The Portal

  1. Gives you one portal to maximize your vehicle health based on actual vehicle data
  2. Shows you the precise historical vehicle information
  3. Gives you access to up to date spare part manuals, checklists and components information
  4. Reduce total operating costs through condition based maintenance
  5. Allows you to get optimal support from Hencon (remote diagnostics)
  6. Is a web based application that is accessible 24/7

Vehicle Data Collection

  • Without knowing the history, you can’t predict the future
  • On each vehicle a VTU (Vehicle Telemetrie Unit) is installed that uses cellular or WIFI connectivity for communication with the HCP
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Web based application
  • The VTU keeps trace of important vehicle data (KPI)


In the Hencon Portal you can create your own dashboard to give you a direct overview of the status of all your Hencon machines.



Reduce total operating costs through conditioning based maintenance.

  • Automatic scheduling of PM based on runninghours,
  • Easily schedule your maintenance tasks and create work orders,
  • Assign a technicians,
  • Have the right spare parts available in time,
  • Condition based maintenance,
  • Inform the other stakeholders.

Historical Vehicle information

  • In the HCP all historical information is accessible in a secure way on your desktop PC or handheld device
  • The specific historical information is accessible for both workshop personal and management
  • Based on historical information trends can be detected per vehicle, vehicle type or your entire fleet
  • The historical information can be presented in a wide variety of customizable graphs automatically or on request

Brochure Machine data monitoring & analysis

In our brochure more specs.

Download the Telemetric brochure
Hencon References
Spare parts manuals, checklists and component information
  • HCP gives you access to up to date information like:
      Spare part manuals
      Vehicle specific maintenance checklists
      Specific component information
  • Allows you access this information on your desktop PC or handheld device (like iPhone or iPad).

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