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2905, 2020

Hencon participates in Accumulate project

29 mei 2020|

Project ACCUMULATE Within the Accumulate project, Hencon, in co-operation with several project partners, will start a pilot project for the assembly of flexible, modular batterypacks, for the benefit of the growing demand for special (custom-made)vehicles, in which the within the project developed packs will be integrated into. In the Read more...

503, 2020

Creating partnership by supporting Cost Reduction in Aluminium Production

05 mrt 2020|

Creating partnership by supporting Cost Reduction in Aluminum Production Today staying competitive means investing permanently in new technologies, helping to reducing operational costs. Not only the technology itself, also the way that you can purchase it will make a difference in the profitability of your operations. At the background Read more...

2401, 2020

Largest Hencon Machine ever delivered

24 jan 2020|

Proud moment to see the largest machine we have ever built arriving at the customer in the USA. This complete electrically driven Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), for the purpose of furnace charging, has been specially designed for this customer. Another example of how we at Hencon are able to provide Read more...