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Bath tapping vehicle

Your bath levelling has to be fast, accurate and safe. This range of vehicles is specially made for professional bath tapping and discharging and is designed to improve cell performance, potroom efficiency and accuracy. These vehicles are valued for their manoeuvrability, on-board air compressors and assisted control mechanisms. The operator cabin offers excellent comfort and visibility.

Cell performance is highly dependent on proper bath tapping and discharging and has a direct impact on the overall efficiency of the complete potroom process. Hencon’s BTV makes this possible.

Bath levelling has to be fast, accurate and safe. Disruption in cell performance and potential damage to the cell is minimized by the use of Hencon’s bath tapping vehicles with the latest bath-handling technology. Hencon’s BTVs are valued for their manoeuvrability, on board air compressors, assisted control mechanisms and an operator’s cabin that provides excellent visibility and comfort. Like all Hencon machines the BTV is designed to endure hot environments and extreme magnetic fields. Knowing that operators are important for the efficiency and success of the production process, their feedback has been taken into account in the design of the cabin and vehicle.

Process control by vacuum technology

The quality and control of bath tapping and discharging is significantly influenced by the vacuum control system and venturi vacuum unit. Since Hencon uses its extensive experience in industrial vacuum technology, Hencon’s BTV’s are known to achieve the most accurate and controlled bath-handling processes in smelter environments.

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