Anode pallet transport vehicle

Our high-performance transportation tools for your carbon and reduction area, where safety and efficiency are paramount. These rock-solid vehicles can easily lift anode pallets used in any smelter, and are built to your exact requirements.

Anode pallet transport vehicle – rigid frame or articulated frame

Anode Pallet Transport Vehicle

The Anode Transport Vehicle is one of the main tools in a modern smelter that is used in the carbon and reduction area in order to support production processes with transport of goods.


Safety and efficiency are extremely important in every smelter. Transportation of hot anodes could be dangerous and time consuming. Anodes become larger and larger due to efficiency reasons. Hencon’s APTV’s can be built to your requirement and can lift anode pallets used in any smelter.

Multi-purpose transporter

The Anode Transport Vehicle is designed to pick-up and transport:
1. Anode trays with fresh anodes or spent anodes.
2. Crust bins.
3. Tapped Bath Ingot moulds.
4. Bath tapping ladles.
5. Mobile hoppers.
6. And other tools that fit into the load bay of the transporter

As long as these transported goods pallets are designed to fit the pickup mechanism and general specifications for weight and dimensions it can be picked-up, transported and unloaded


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