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Vacuum cleaner

Dust free operation

This vacuum cleaner creates a high suction power and is able to clean large area’s without creating any dust.

Proven concept

Hencon vacuum cleaners are based on well proven designs and components, the layout and suction tools are designed for operation in the Pot rooms and Cast Houses of an primary Aluminum smelter and are already many years in operation successfully, both in prebaked and Söderberg potrooms. The machine can cope with dry, dusty and hot environments and can operate without problems in a magnetic field up to 500 Gauss.

We have three types/sizes of vacuum cleaners; the H1000, H3000 and H7000. We can advise you which is the best solution for you.

Additional handheld tools

“Plug in” hose connections on the left and the right side can be used for cleaning with handheld
hoses around the machine. Two handheld suction tools will be delivered wit h the vehicle including
16 meter 3” suction hose stored at the back of the vehicle.

Robot mole

The vacuum cleaner can be equiped with a remote controlled robot mole to clean dangerous or tight spaces.

The mobile vacuum cleaner can be tailormade to fit your requirements.

Potroom Solutions