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Completely bespoke unit designed to crack the top layer of crusts with speed and efficiency. Top quality for Söderberg potrooms, based on proven designs and components.

Cracking the top layer

Breaking of the crust can be done by the hydraulic hammer breaker. The hammer can reach positions that the wheel crust breaker can’t reach. It is ideal to create a hole in order to tap the liquid aluminium.

Proven concept

Hencon’s Hammer Crust Breakers are based on well proven designs and components. For decades these Vehicles are successfully in operation in Söderberg potrooms.

Hydraulic Hammer Breaker

The hammer breaker is connected to a robust arm and can be controlled from within the ergonomic cabin. Once in position the force of the hammer will break the crust. Heat resisting bearings are used, to withstand the heat of the pot.

Typical features

-Very quick and efficient breaking of the crust at places where other machines can’t go.
-Robust design for low maintenance costs and long life time
-Excellent visibility for the operator to the crust breaking operation
The Wheel Crust Breaker can be tailor-made to fit your requirements.

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