Cavity Cleaner

Carefully designed to ensure optimum cavity cleaning before the installation of a new anode, with minimal impact on the existing pot. For a professional job.

Cavity cleaner

Cleaning a cavity is directly related to the line efficiency and power consumption.

Hencon helpes you to make an optimal clean cavity before the new anode is placed. This is done with a minimal effect on the current in the pot. An efficient cavity cleaner should be able to:
• Grap precisely and direct with minimal disturbance on the metal pack of the cell.
• Allow for a short residence time on the grap inside the metal pack.
• Preferably allow the operator to clean the metal pack in one go (no additional grapping)

All Hencon cavity cleaning equipment is designed with a focus on these essential functions.

Potroom solutions

Vacuum cleaner

Dust free operation This vacuum cleaner creates a high suction power and is able to clean large area’s without creating any dust.

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Aluminium tapping vehicle

Carefully developed to ensure the safest tapping of hot metal. The system combines multiple machines, making it much more flexible than a pot-pending crane. It can reach all pots, even when other cranes are in the way.

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Completely bespoke unit designed to crack the top layer of crusts with speed and efficiency. Top quality for Söderberg potrooms, based on proven designs and components.

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