Controlled, reliable and dust-free filling of pot hoppers

Whether you feed alumina, fine-grade bath or aluminium fluoride, the Hencon High Discharge Feeder is the worldwide standard for filling pot hoppers. By applying the latest proven technologies and the know-how of bulk transport experts, Hencon is constantly optimizing the feeder’s transportation system. The Hencon HDF offers the highest discharge rate in the field, leading to the best efficiency you can get. Imagine the savings you can

achieve by reducing the amount of vehicles and their operators. Besides improving health and safety, the dust extraction system will contribute to meeting your dust emission objectives. Knowing that operators are important for the efficiency and success of the production process, their feedback has been taken into account in the design of the cabin and vehicle.


Potroom solutions

Bath tapping vehicle

Your bath levelling has to be fast, accurate and safe. This range of vehicles is specially made for professional bath tapping and discharging and is designed to improve cell performance, potroom efficiency and accuracy.

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Aluminium tapping vehicle

Carefully developed to ensure the safest tapping of hot metal. The system combines multiple machines, making it much more flexible than a pot-pending crane. It can reach all pots, even when other cranes are in the way.

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EVY compact vacuum cleaner

Hencon is continuously developing new improvements and sustainable solutions that focus on efficiency, safety, maintainability, lowering cost of ownership as well as the environmental impact of our products. Keeping the potroom clean is a highly…

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